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Dentures are removable replacements for your missing teeth,if you have one or missing teeth, you likely feel too self-conscious to smile in front of others. The good news is we can help to restore your smile with natural-looking dentures. We aim to help you, our patient, improve your dental health and appearance so you can find the way to a healthy smile and a better life. Our modern knowledge and techniques will ensure that dentures look superb and feel comfortable, allowing patients to be able to eat confidently.

What are the benefits of dentures? in Algonac, MI

Look and feel younger – As we’ve said, missing teeth can result in your face taking on a sunken-like appearance. Getting dentures near you can effectively reverse that by providing a structure with definition back into your cheeks thus making you look younger and livelier.

Fully functioning – A new set of teeth will be easy to maintain. You’ll be able to eat and drink normally, and you can expect to visit the dentist less frequently over time.

Made to measure – Dentures in Saskatoon will be created to meet the measurements of your mouth exactly, by taking a mold of your teeth and gums, measuring your jaw, and possibly using an X-ray.

Signs Your Dentures may Need Refitting in Algonac, MI (855) 916-4215

If you find yourself concerned that your dentures may need to be refitted or replaced, consider the following signs and symptoms that may indicate an issue:

  • Oral sores (gums, etc)
  • Excess sliding or movement when chewing
  • Uneven distribution of force
  • Sore Jaw
  • Food getting caught under the denture

If you think that dentures are the right solution for you or if you believe that your dentures need adjusting, contact us today! our team will provide you with assistance and care instructions to help get a comfortable, healthy happy smile!

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